Interior designer
in Monaco

Introduced to the world of art as a child by my mother, a gallery owner, I quickly developed an admiration for aesthetics, the right proportions, functionality and harmony. A graduate of Inchbald, a school of interior design in London, I founded Manon Design and gained significant professional experience through my various works on the Riviera and elsewhere.

Throughout each project, I am very committed and attentive to my client and the location of the property. Thus, I create extremely personal living spaces, adapted to the needs and constraints, while integrating, as far as possible, artists' touches.

In my opinion, interior and exterior architecture, as well as garden and landscaping, form an inseparable whole. Thus, my close ties with various professionals in the field (architects, landscape designers, craftsmen, artists...) allow me to realize with a lot of pleasure and joy, alone or in a team, a unique conceptualization of the project.

Wherever I go, I draw my ideas from my observation of the surrounding heritage, culture and nature. Through my travels, I hunt and discover unusual nuggets to bring a touch of originality to my creations. All these flavours offer me a wide range of situations, shapes, colours, materials and emotions.