Interior design partners

Nathalie GEHAMY


From the design stage to the handover, we use a wide range of skills to provide you with the best possible support throughout the project. we take into account your needs and bring our experiences and know-how to make the project as successful as possible. our aim is to create tailor-made projects to satisfy our clients.



Bureau d'études

C.S. ingénierie is a design office specialising in thermal studies, fluids’ studies (heating/air conditioning, plumbing, ventilation, electricity, home automation) and acoustic studies. we work on all types of projects (villas, collective housing and tertiary buildings).


Laurélie DE LA SALLE


The birth of a garden is based on a subtle combination of a place, its owner and my knowledge. the identity of the site by its location, its exposure and the nature of its soil will dictate the initial framework. then the personality of the client, his desires, his imagination of the garden will give the rhythm. is it a show place? or rather a place for walking, dreaming and resting? or a laboratory for the enlightened amateur, or the reflection of a collector's soul? the understanding of these different components, enriched by my sensitive perception of the site, will allow me to assemble the living and the inert in a common future. a garden is based on the delicate balance between fullness and emptiness, the interplay of water and stone, of light and shadow, of shades of green punctuated by colours. this is how each of my gardens develops its own personality, through a uniqueness in the image of its owner.